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Estimate Questions



  • If a table is desired-hallway/sofa/coffee/dining or end table-circle desired one

  • Hall and sofa tables are generally 27 to 30 inches high by 12 deep by 36 to 48 long

  • benches and coffee tables are about 18 inches high and 18 deep by 36-48 long

  • End tables are about 20 inches high by 16 deep by 28 long

  • Dining tables are 29 inches high by 38 wide by 64 long for six/ 38 inches by 84 inches for eight

  • These are standard dimensions but can be altered to meet your needs

  • Your desired dimensions-Length x Width x Depth x Thickness?

  • Wood species preference (see below) or specialty figured veneer?

  • Wood species-maple/oak/walnut/ash/torrified ash/cherry/curly maple/Birdseye maple/birch/box elder/butternut/poplar/ ¼ sawn sycamore?

  • Finish-satin/semi-gloss/gloss?

  • Joinery------Mortise and Tenon///// ½ lap/////dowel/////Kreg?

  •  Time constraints-when do you need it completed?

  • Table with or without shelf(s)

  • If shelf is it weight bearing- i.e. heavy books etc.?

  • Drawer or not?

  • Table back with a grill/lattice or arch?

  • Live edge vs lumber?

  • Bottom of the table top finished like top or less dressed?

  • Leg style---square/square with stripe inlay/tapered/curved/Asian thick to thin

      or vice versa/natural vs painted black?

  • Table types---river/floating/non floating/veneer in frame and panel/veneer with molding/classics like Arts + Crafts style?

  • If river table/colors interested in and whether the river be wide/narrow or sporadic inlays?

  • If a bench is requested, do you want it live edge or lumber and is a storage compartment important?

  • Do you want a matching wall mirror?



Cabinets-built to suit your needs

  • Length x width by depth?

  • Doors or drawers or both? If doors, solid brass or European hinges?

  • If shelf is it weight bearing- i.e. heavy books etc.?

  • Fancy figured veneer or lumber or live edge top?

  • For floor cabinets, do you want a matching wall mirror?


My estimate/range based on preferences/requirements $ _______to $_______ Deposit requested to start your project 35% of estimate

Tony Restivo/Wood Wonders   413-427-5923    

I will start the projects in the order of deposits paid.
Once work is agreed upon and you send me a check, I will purchase lumber with your deposit and your deposit is then nonrefundable.

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